TOAR East Asia Focus Working Group

The East Asia Focus Working Group, launched in March 2021, aims to advance ozone research over East Asia, with a focus on understanding ozone trends and their driving factors. The working group will construct an open-access dataset for East Asia Ozone Study (EAO3 dataset) as a supplement to the TOAR II surface ozone database .

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The Working Group will endeavor to quantify the climatic and chemical factors driving tropospheric/surface ozone trends over East Asia, and to reconcile the results from chemical transport models, statistical methods, and machine learning methods, based on the EAO3 dataset. Our goal is to:

1. Construction of EAO3 database for supporting ozone research over East Asia

2. Quantification of factors driving ozone trend over East Asia

3. Quantification of global influence of East Asian ozone and precursors